Matsushiro Zozan Underground Vault

Matsushiro Underground Imperial Headquarters is dug throughout in grids, centered in Mt. Maizuruyama (present Meteorological Agency Matsushiro Seismologic Observatory) and extends over approximately ten kilometers, from Mt. Minakami to Mt. Zozan. Known as the ancient battlefield of Kawanakajima, it is on a geologically hard bedrock area and located far away from the coastline, making it a point of great strategic importance.
During the last nine months of the WWII (from November 11th, 1944 to August 15th, 1945), this underground headquarters was constructed by the Imperial Army as the final strong point for the decisive battles in the mainland, under the plan of utmost secrecy to move the Imperial headquarters and ministries of the government. The construction at top speed had brought the project to 80% completion within the short period of time. Huge budget of estimated one hundred million to two hundred million yen in the value of those days was believed to be invested into the project. Some source suggests that the labors for the project consisted of forcibly mobilized Koreans and Japanese.
However, since there are very little related resources left, there are various opinions regarding this issue, including one that suggests that not all labors were forcibly mobilized. Parts of the Matsushiro Zozan Underground Shelter are open to public since 1989, in hopes to pass it down as a precious "war remains" that conveys the importance of the peaceful world to as many people, for generations to come.

Address 1460-3 Matsushiro Matsushiromachi Nagano-shi Phone Number Nagano City Commerce and Tourism Department Tourism Promotion Department
Website MAPCODE * 177 804 486*63
Access Approx. 2.5 km from Nagano IC, or approx. 30 min. on the bus to Matsushiro from JR Nagano station, get off at "Matsushiroeki" stop and walk for approx. 20 min.
Parking Daikancho (Zozan East) Parking Lot (free) available. Approx. 8 min. walk from the parking to the vault.
Hours 9:00 to 16:00 (Last addmission allowed till 15:30) Holiday Third Tuesdays and around the New Year's holidays (may temporarily close for maintenance)
Price Admission free
Remarks / Supplementary Note ★Visitors must follow the following rules when entering the vault★
*Always wear the helmet provided.
*No eating, drinking, smoking, act of graffiti, gathering or any other activities that may be an annoyance to other visitors are allowed.
*Pay extra attention to where you walk refrain from tripping and slipping as well as water from condensaton.
*Cooperation to 'Take home your own garbage' movement is much appreciated.

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