Basic Information of Nagano City

Transportation and Access

  • What are the transportation options to Nagano City?
    For each of the transportation modes to Nagano City, including the railway (JR), passenger vehicles and airplanes, the details are provided on the Access page of this website.
  • How long does it take to get to the Zenkoji Temple from Nagano Station?
    The distance between the Zenkoji Exit of Nagano Station and the Zenkoji Temple is approximately 2km and takes about 30 minutes on foot.
    There is also a local bus bound for the Zenkoji Temple from the Zenkoji Exit of Nagano Station. Please get off at the Zenkoji-Daimon bus stop. The bus ride is about 10-minutes long and costs 150 yen for adults.
  • How long does it take to walk from the parking at the entrance of Togakushi Shrine (Togakushi Okusha bus stop) to the Togakushi Shrine Okusha Pavilion?
    The distance between the parking at the entrance of Togakushi Shrine (Togakushi Okusha bus stop) and the Togakushi Shrine Okusha Pavilion is approx. 2km, and it takes about 30-40 minutes. Please visit the shrine with comfortable shoes on, since the path becomes uneven midway through.
  • Are there any free parking lots in tourist areas in Nagano City?
    Following is the information on the parking areas for major sightseeing spots in Nagano City.

    〇 Around the Zenkoji Temple
    There is no free parking available near the Zenkoji Temple. Please use paid parking nearby.
    〇 Togakushi Shrine
    Of the five pavilions of Togakushi Shrine, the parking areas by Hokosha, Hinomikosha and Chusha are available for free. (However, please note that the parking areas by Hokosha and Hinomikosha are small.) On the other hand, there are only paid parking areas near Okusha (Kuzuryusha).
    Parking around the cultural facilities in Matsushiro are free. For information such as the number of vehicles accepted, etc., please check the following website.
    ○ Kawanakajima Historic Battlefield
    Free parking available.
  • Are there Rent-a-cycle services?
    Rent-a-cycle services are available in the following 2 areas of Nagano City. * Please contact them directly for details.

    ○ Around Nagano Station
    ・ Miyamoto Shokai
     Address: 1284 Minami-Ishidocho, Nagano City
     TEL: +81-26-226-3914
    ○In Matsushiro
    ・ Shinshu-Matsushiro Royal Hotel
     Address: 1372-1 Nishiterao, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano City
     TEL: +81-26-278-1811
    ・ Matsushiro Machi-aruki Center
     Address: 577 Matsushiro, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano City
     TEL: +81-26-285-0070
  • Is there a cycling road?
    There is a cycling road along the left bank of the Chikuma River.
    It runs between Wakaho-Ushijima, Nagano City (Ochiai Ground) and Nakanojo, Ueda City, and the overall distance is approx. 36km.
    Although the road is a bicycle-pedestrian road, please note that it is also used by agricultural vehicles with permission.

    Contact Information
    〇 Section between Wakaho-Ushijima, Nagano City and Shinonoi-Shiozaki, Nagano City
      Sports Division, Culture and Sports Promotion Department, Nagano City
     TEL: +81-26-224-5083
    〇 Section between Shinonoi-Shiozaki, Nagano City and Nakanojo, Ueda City
      Maintenance and Management Division, Chikuma Construction Office, Nagano Prefecture
     TEL: +81-26-273-5940
  • Are there regular sightseeing buses?
    We are sorry but there are no regular sightseeing buses. Please use public transportation or taxi.
  • Are there any roads that become closed during winter?
    Among the roads that are connected to major sightseeing spots in Nagano City, the following roads become closed during winter.

    ○ Roads near Kagami-ike Pond
      Period: When snowing (due to no snow removal)
    ○ Forest Road Okawa Line (Okususobana Nature Park Access Road)
      Period: November - late April

Tourist Facilities

About Food and Drinks

Accommodation Facilities

  • Are there any accommodation facilities where I can stay with my pet?
    The following is the list of accommodation facilities that accept pets. Please contact them for details.

    〇 Usuikan
      Address: 481 Agata-machi, Nagano City
    TEL: +81-26-233-1313
    ○ Shinshu-Matsushiro Royal Hotel
      Address: 1372-1 Nishiterao, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano City
     TEL: +81-26-278-1811
    〇 Kinasanoyu Hotel & Cottage
      Address: 8855 Kinasa Hikage, Nagano City
      TEL: +81-26-256-2140
    〇 Mori-no-Yado Marchen
      Address: 3656 Togakushi, Nagano City
      TEL: +81-26-254-2081
    〇 Pension Corovox
      Address: 10044-10 Togakushi-Toyooka, Nagano City
      TEL: +81-26-254-3148
    〇 Pension Piore
      Address: 2737-9 Togakushi-Toyooka, Nagano City
      TEL: +81-26-254-3045
    〇 Iizuna-Kogen Pension Aoi Ringo
      Address: 2471-2161 Ageya, Nagano City
      TEL: +81-26-239-2441

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