Togakushi Ancient Road Rubbings &Stamps Collecting Walking Tour

History from the ancient times accumulates on ancient roads of Togakushi. The path for mountain asceticism, the approach to Togakushi shrine, Echigo-do, and military road for the army of Shingen Takeda are some of the roads crossing to form the networks. Though some of them had turned into driveways and others simply disappeared, the route for “Togakushi Ancient Road Rubbing &Stamps Collecting Walking Tour” consists of promenades through the refreshing highlands. Please enjoy a nice walk on the ancient roads among the great nature. ●Rubbings &Stamps collection notebook (with pen) 500 yenRubbings can be collected from 30 stone pillars located along the Togakushi ancient roads. Notebook can be bought at souvenir stores and alike around the town of Togakushi.

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