Chausuyama Dinasour Park/Nature Botanical Garden

The park exhibits 25 specimens of actual-size dinosaurs from four different periods, including the Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods. The largest specimen in the park is diplodocus, which measures up to 25 meters in its body length! Some dinosaurs are incorporated into playground equipment such as a slide, with which kids can play while directly touching them. Approximately 80 trees of sakura (or cherry blossoms) line up on the bank of the park entrance, which form the tunnel of blossoms in spring.

Address 2358 Shinonoiokada Naganoshi
zip code: 381-2225
Phone Number +81-26-293-5168
Website MAPCODE * 54 000 273*02
Access Approx. 6 km from Nagano IC, or Approx. 15 min. taxi ride from Shinonoi station of both JR and Shinano Railway.
Parking Available
Hours 8:30 to 17:00 (Parking lot operating hours) Holiday Closed during winter
Price Admission free

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