Togakushi Shrine Okusha (Main Shrine)

The famous mystical power central! “Togakushi Shrine” This shrine was developed as the base for the mountain worship towards Mt. Togakushi. It used to be a temple that assembled a number of pilgrims’ lodgings, and was turned into a Shinto shrine that is deeply associated with deities from the myth of “Opening of Amanoiwato” and was worshiped by many people, after the Meiji period. It consists of five buildings, each named Okusha, Chusha, Hokosha, Kuzuryusha and Hinomikosha.

Towering grand wall of Mt. Togakushi in the background, the shrine enshrines Amenotajikaraonomikoto, who forcibly opened Amanoiwato with his peerless divine might.
Numerous worshippers visit the shrine, which is responsive to prayers related to issues such as bringing good luck, realization of wishes and abundant harvest.
The approach spans about 2 kilometers with a red, thatched-roof Zuishinmon gate in the middle, and leads visitors to the avenue of over 400-year-old cedar trees, which are designated a Natural Monument.

Address Togakushi Nagano-shi Phone Number Chusha Shrine Office
Website MAPCODE * 1004 037 444*30
Access Approx. 30 to 35 km away from Suzaka Nagano Higashi IC, or 60 to 70 min. ride on the bus to "Togakushi Campground" from JR Nagano station get off at “Okusha Iriguchi”
Parking Okusha approach (toll parking): Approx. 100 cars near the entrance (Space for Large buses available)
Hours Holiday

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