Oyakiya Sohonke Matsushiro

You are welcome to enjoy our line-up of fresh oyaki, konetsuke-mochi, apple juice, cake made from chestnut or apricot. Besides these goodies we provide a space for selling Shinshu local specialties. Please drop by our shop during the tour to Matstushiro.

Recommend Sanada-konetsukemochi Products Oyaki, Sanada-konetsukemochi (kneaded rice cake)
Address 〒381-1231
2-2 Tonomachi, Matsushiromachi, Nagano-shi
Phone Number +81-26-278-3641
Hours 9:00~17:00 Holiday Tuesdays (irregularly closed)
Access 5 minute drive from Nagano Interchange Parking
Credit Card × Accessible Facility
Website http://www.oyakiya.co.jp/m-top.htlm
Remarks / Supplementary Note Oyaki-dojo (oyaki-making experience) is available. For more information please ask us.

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