Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum Collection Exhibition Born in Southern Shinshu in the Same Year: Shuho Ikegami vs. Shunso Hishida, Comparison of the Old-group and New-group Modern Japanese Style Painters

Having been born in the same year, 1874, Shuho Ikegami from Takato Town (present-day Ina City) and Shunso Hishida from Iida City played an active role as representative old-group and new-group modern Japanese style painters, respectively, of the Meiji period and onward. The exhibition will display the works of the two painters who have been rarely compared head-to-head until now to reveal the kind of expression each of the old group and new group aimed at during the pioneer days of Japanese style painting in the Meiji period.

Period Dec. 17, 2016(Sat) ~ Jan. 3, 2017 (Tue)
Place Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum
(Exhibition Room No. 1 & Exhibition Room No. 2)
Address 1-4-4 Hakoshimizu, Nagano City
Price Adults 500 yen
College students 300 yen
Senior high school students and under Free
(Same as venue)
Contact Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum
Phone Number +81-26-232-0052
Remarks / Supplementary Note Days closed: Wednesdays and the New Year's holidays (Dec. 28 - Jan. 1)