Ooka Spa

This is an onsen bathhouse facility without accommodations located in the west side of the Mt. Hijiriyama. It is a simple hot spring with a reputation for gentle touch of the water, which keeps bathers warm for longtime after they got out of it. It is equipped with both indoor and outdoor baths, as well as resting room with tatami mats and rehabilitation room. Impressive view of the north Alps adorns the big windows of the bathrooms.
●Water quality of the hot spring: Metasilicic Acid●Effects: Recovery from exhaustion, health promotion.

Address 1142 Ooka Nakamaki Nagano-shi
zip code: 381-2701
Phone Number +81-26-266-1088
Website http://Ookaonsen.com/ MAPCODE * 177 661 128*76
Access Approx. 7 km from the roadside station "Nagano-shi Ooka Tokusanhin Center" on National Route 19.
Hours 10:30 to 19:00 Holiday Tuesdays (the following days when holidays), December 31st and January 1st.
Price 350 yen for anyone older than Elementary school students

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