The chocolate wafer cookie which contains chocolate among three layer thinly baked cookie. Thinly baked, crispy and flavorful cookie is kneaded by uniquely blended wheat grown in Nagano, rare chestnut honey picked from chestnut flower in Obuse area and apple juice from Fuji apple grown in Nagano. Two kinds of chocolates contained are quality white chocolate mild to the mouth and apple chocolate using apple powder from Fuji apple grown in Nagano. Please enjoy distinctive acid taste, rich sweetness and flavor. With special focus on all elements of ingredients. taste and texture, this confection is a premium product made in Nagano in that every piece of cookie is full of Shinshu things.

Corporation Takachiho
Price 550 yen per set of 6 pieces, 1,000 yen per set of 12 pieces, 1,380 yen per set of 20 pieces (tax not included)
Website http://www.syunsui.com/shop/2016/03/6-2.php