Tsutahya Matsushiro ShoppingPark

We have a broad range of seasonal wagashi. western confections, local specialty Daimyo-oyaki and also various gift items.

Recommend Shinshu specialty - Matsushiro-senbei
Daimyo-oyaki (baked) (steamed)
Shinshu Matsushiro Domain, Hana-to-busho sable (biscuit)
Products Wagashi,Western confections, Daimyo-oyaki, etc.
Address 〒381-1231
1214 Machinishiterao, Matsushiro, Nagano-shi
Phone Number +81-26-278-0135
Hours 9:30~19:00 Holiday Irregularly closed (Wednesdays)
Access 5 minute drive from Nagano Interchange Parking
Credit Card × Accessible Facility
Website http://www.tsutayahonten.co.jp
Remarks / Supplementary Note Mail order is acceptable across Japan.

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