Ugetsudo Honten

Wagashi store established in 1872. "Soba-no-Hana" a Japanese style cookie with nice flavor of buckwheat's seed, "Momijigari" cake named after the famous Noh song of Kijomomiji (legendary ogress),"Kurumimochi" walnut cake prepared using Turkish delight, and much more you can taste from seasonal wagashi or Japanese sweets and Shinshu local confections.

Recommend Soba-no-hana
Products Wagashi, Soba-no-Hana, Momijigari, Kurumimochi
Address 〒380-0836
653-2 Minamiagatamachi, Nagano-shi
Phone Number +81-26-234-0884
Hours 8:15~18:00 Holiday Sundays
Access 15 minute walk from JR Nagano Station Parking
Credit Card × Accessible Facility
Remarks / Supplementary Note Mail order by telephone or fax is acceptable.

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