Apple Picking (Toyono Area)

One of the common methods to judge the deliciousness of an apple is to look for a “nectar-filled” apple. This doesn’t necessarily mean the nectar is sweet, but is a good indication of the fruit being ripe.
A ripe apple is more sweet and juicy. Chose the one that looks red overall, with the greenish rather than yellowish tint on the bottom. Also, if you can feel the somewhat moist touch when picking it off the branch, it is “ready to eat”. Apple farmers say that this change in the texture happens because “the nectar is exuding out”.
Grown with rich water and crisp air, the apples of Shinshu are filled with nectar and are best for gifts.

List of Ranches with Farming Experience
●Apple Line Area/ “Machinoyaen” Address: 255-2 Akanuma, Nagano-shi TEL:090-2642-2210
“Chikumaen” Address: 2245 Akanuma, Nagano-shi TEL:+81-26-296-6853
“Naritaen” Address: 2312 Akanuma, Nagano-shi TEL:+81-26-296-9523
“Kuraishi Nouen” Address: 1805-1 Asano, Toyono-cho, Nagano-shi TEL:+81-26-257-2473
●Nakano-shi/ “Shinshu Fruits Land Shinshu Nakano Interchange Shop” Address: 1356-1 Kusama, Angenjisakai, Nakano-shi TEL:+81-269-22-2530

Address Phone Number
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Access Zenkoji neighborhood area: Approx. 30 min. drive from Nagano and Suzaka Nagano Higashi Ics / 10 min. bus ride from JR Nagano station, plus 15 min. walk
The Apple Line area: Approx. 20 min drive from Suzaka Nagano Higashi IC, 10 min. from Shinshu Nakano IC / Taxi or walk from JR Toyono station.
Hours Early September to early December
*Standard operating period. Exact dates and kinds of apples may differ by the season. Call for details.

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